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Snowfall Bodysuit


As crystalized and sparkly as a snowflake- this bodysuit is made by our snowfall fairies up in the icy mountains of Jackalope Land. Immensely hard to reach, the crystal mountains of Jackalope Land are home to the rare pearl vines. The pearls seen on these bodysuit have been hand harvested from our icy pearl vines by our snow fairies, and stitched on in our crystal caverns. Originally made for a Jackalopeland ice princess, this snowfall bodysuit has only just become available to the public!
Absolutely encrusted with crystalized unicorn tears, irridescent mermaid scales and our home grown pearls, our snow fairies have not left a single inch bare. Each piece takes about 7-10 full days of beading work to create, and each is as one of a kind as a single snowflake.
WIth a gorgeous matching overskirt available- get ready to be the perfect snow princess you have always wanted to be!

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