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Image of Mystical Unicorn Bodysuit

Mystical Unicorn Bodysuit


This "Unicorn" bodysuit features a bedazzled rainbow crystal front panel, with mermaid scale bra cups and the highest quality palette sequins adorning the sides and back. Pearls are hand stitched along the straps and top of the bodysuit as well, for extra mermaid power.
With iridescent frills to finish it off- this bodysuit is about a sparkly as you can get without being turned into a crystal! The back is covered entirely in palette sequins similar to the front, and an image can be provided upon request.

If you require shipping to an unlisted country, please contact me. If the difference in shipping is more that £5 the quoted price, I will refund the difference. I will always provide a shipping receipt and tracking number with your order as well.

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