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Image of Dark Dreams Unicorn Hat

Dark Dreams Unicorn Hat


Not all of us are sparkly pastel unicorns, and this hat is for those night dwelling naughti-corns.

This cap has been fully customised to embody everything beautiful about unicorns- it sparkles, shines, has a black, blue an white mane and is adventure ready with its adjustable strap and stable fit!
Covered in iridescent pleather and crystals, pearls and glitter- its sure to stop all the other unicorns in their little rainbow tracks. The back is hand sequinned in mermaid shell black and blue iridescent sequins.

The mane is detachable as well, to make it even easier to pop off and dress down for day to day wear.

*please note: the mermaid shell sequins do sometimes peel a bit after time, this cannot be helped as it is just the iridescent film on the sequin. If this bothers you, message me and round penny sequins can be used instead.*

If you require shipping to an unlisted country, please contact me. If the difference in shipping is more that £5 the quoted price, I will refund the difference. I will always provide a shipping receipt and tracking number with your order as well.

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